Time Speaker Title
17:00 Sonia Ramotowska & Fabian Schlotterbeck Introduction
17:30 Carolin Dudschig Can language vectors tell us more than a 1000 words? The N400 and Large Language Models.
17:00 Sonia Ramotowska & Fabian Schlotterbeck Investigation of semantic representations of quantifiers with the Diffusion Decision Model
17:45 Mizuki Iinuma, Sora Tagami, Yuta Takahashi and Daisuke Bekki Neural DTS: A hybrid NLI system combining two procedural approaches
17:00 Daphne Wang and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh Sheaves and garden-path sentences
17:45 Hening Wang and Fabian Schlotterbeck A quantitative exploration of adjective ordering preferences with an incremental Rational Speech Act model
19:30 Dinner at Güjžina (Mestni trg 19)
17:00 Alexandra Mayn, Jia E. Loy and Vera Demberg Modeling Overspecification as Uncertainty About Feature Uniqueness
17:45 Kristina Kobrock, Xenia Ohmer, Elia Bruni and Nicole Gotzner Pragmatics in referential communication: An investigation of concept communication and the role of pragmatics with an emergent communication game
17:00 Bob van Tiel Speaking of quantifiers
18:00 Final Discussion